Our History

The GGDMA was formally founded in 1984. It was registered with three trustees, Victor Daniels, Sanislaus Jardine, and Joe DeAgrella, under the Business Registration Act Chapter 9005. In 1991, the organisation changed status and registered under the Trade Union Recognition Act as a collective negotiating organisation for gold and diamond producers. Its current trustees are Cyrilda DeJesus, Edwards Shields, and James Krakowsky.

Mission and Mandate

The shared understanding between the GGDMA’s Committee of Management members, members, and staff is that the organisation’s purpose is to defend the rights of miners, bargain on behalf of the mining community, and promote the growth and development of the industry.

Our Vision

The vision of the GGDMA is not recorded anywhere but the shared aspiration expressed by its Executive, members, and staff is to keep the gold and diamond mining industry, especially the small and medium scale sector, robust.
Over the years the challenges facing the industry has changed and robustness has come to represent more than just financial success for operators and economic contribution of the industry to the country.

Our Objectives

The GGDMA’s objectives are clearly laid out in its Rule Book. In general the GGDMA works according to objectives set out. It has been very strong and successful in:

(1) Protecting and promoting the rights of the mining community as a whole;

(2) Negotiating with relevant authorities on behalf of the industry;

Organization Structure

The GGDMA is a membership-­‐based organisation comprised of members, a governing Committee of Management referred to as the Executive, which is elected by members and has responsibility for governance, and an office responsible for operations and management functions.