Mission and Mandate

The shared understanding between the GGDMA’s Committee of Management members, members, and staff is that the organisation’s purpose is to defend the rights of miners, bargain on behalf of the mining community, and promote the growth and development of the industry. There is no succinctly stated mission for the organisation. However, its mandate is captured in the objectives of the organisation outlined in its Rule Book (2011) and these fall into a number of categories as follows:

  • Ensure economic viability of the industry:

    (a) To promote, protect the rights, interests and welfare of miners;

    (b) To promote state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art technology that would result in a high level of production of gold, diamond, precious stones and other minerals;

    (c) To obtain and maintain adequate payment for gold, diamond, precious stones, and other minerals sold by its members to relevant authorities;

    (d) To enter into negotiations with all relevant authorities, primarily the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, Guyana Gold Board, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) for the improvement of the mining industry;

  • To provide service on demand to its members:

    (e) To make binding agreements on behalf of and for the benefit of its members;

    (f) To mediate disputes between one member and another; between members and other members; and between members and other miners, to obtain an amicable agreement wherever possible;

    (g) To provide for members the following benefits and such others as the Annual General Meetings (AGM) may decide upon:-­‐
    (i) Adequate representation for any financial member in respect of matters arising out of and incidental to his activities or occupation as a miner;
    (ii) The promotion of legislation in the interest of the members of the Association and of the Mining Industry;
    (iii) Monitoring, supervising, implementing and coordinating methods, techniques and process of production of gold, diamonds and other precious stones from time to time as practiced in Guyana; and
    (iv) Development and promotion of programmes for the education and training (scientific and technical) of members of the Association in modern methods of production;

  • To strengthen the bargaining power of the industry:

    (h) To further (financially and otherwise) the work or purpose of any Association or other entities having as its objectives the promotion of the interest of miners;

    (i) To join or affiliate National, Regional and International Organisations that would facilitate the effective promotion and functioning to the advancement of the GGDMA’s interest; and

  • To strengthen the financial viability and sustainability of the Association as the industry’s bargaining body:

    (j) To hold funds by way of shares, deposits, loans, entrance fees, subscriptions, contributions, commissions, undivided surpluses and sale;

    (k) To obtain loans and accept contributions from members and on-­‐members for the purpose of establishing and implementing services that are conducive to the promotion and development of the Association and the Mining Industry;

    (l) To own, buy, sell, let, lease or mortgage properties of any magnitude or scales;

    (m) To establish stores where necessary;

    (n) To organize all persons interested in the mining of gold, diamonds, precious, semi precious stones and other minerals;

    (o) To promote, develop, and encourage training and education of miners and to enhance the economic, social and cultural life of mining communities and interior locations;

    (p) To establish or carry on, or participate (financially or otherwise) in the business of the printing or publishing of a general newspaper or a journal, books, pamphlets or publication, or to engage in these activities permitted by law that have the main purpose the furthering of the interests of the Association, or of the mining industry;

    (q) To communicate to its members by way of television, radio, Internet, and print media.

These rules in essence delineate the areas in which the organisation works and captures its intent to work for the rights and interests of gold, diamond, and other precious stone producers.

The term “miner” is nowhere defined. However, the historical work of the organisation, its predominant membership, and explanations offered by its staff and Committee of Management’s members indicates that this term primarily refers to the interests of miners as “producers” and not to their hired workers or labourers.

Even though there are a few workers who are members of the Association, the organisation refers matters to do with workers rights to the Ministry of Labour now Ministry of Social Cohesion.