GGDMA concerned about police action in Linden

The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) on Saturday expressed concern about the actions of the police in Linden which resulted in the killing of three persons protesting against an increase in electricity tariff in the mining community. The Association in a release said that it was “greatly perturbed” at the events which led to the loss of life, damage to property and the general state of unease in Linden. The GGDMA is also deeply disturbed by the use of deadly force by the Guyana Police Force,” the release read.

According to the GGDMA, it is obviously concerned about the well being of Linden given that is the largest mining community in Guyana and that as a representative of the mining industry it is further concerned about the socio-economic impact that the current conflict will have on mining. “The GGDMA supports the call for peace, good order and any investigation that will help bring the truth to light and hopes that there is a speedy removal of all obstacles that stand in the way of peaceful negotiations and a resolution of the issues. The Association offers to assist in any way possible to help arrive at a peaceful resolution of this matter,” the statement concluded.

The Association also advised miners who normally use the Linden route to seek alternative routes to access their operations in the hinterland. Residents have been blocking the roads with debris and lit tires since the protest started on Wednesday while the authorities have been battling to clear the obstacles.

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