GGDMA COVID 19 Relief – Request for Donation

The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association [GGDMA] has set up a COVID 19 Relief Fund to assist the poor and vulnerable in our society as the COVID 19 pandemic hits our beloved country and its people.

The GGDMA is of the opinion that as this pandemic comes closer to home, it may cause more businesses to be closed, employment to be affected, which may result in financial instability for the poor and vulnerable groups in our society.

In light of the above, your Association is kindly seeking your DONATION to support persons affected by the COVID 19 and their families and those experiencing financial hardships during this affected period.

To facilitate your financial donations, the Association has set up a GGDMA COVID 19 Relief Fund Chequing Account at Demerara Bank AC # 4023412. For other non-monetary donations, you can contact the GGDMA Secretariat on telephone #s 225-2217 or 225-1828.

Please be advised that at the end of every week all Donors will be updated on donations received and how these donations are expended. The Association would like to thank you for your faithful support towards this humanitarian cause.