The GGDMA calls on the Guyana Election Commission (GECOM) to obey the rule of law

The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) calls on the Guyana Election Commission (GECOM) to obey the rule of law in relation to declaring final results for the 2020 elections.

The GGDMA has been following the process and has read the statements issued by the international observers which state that the Region Four results declared yesterday “lack credibility and verification” and are considered illegal. We further wish to echo the call issued by the international community to “President Granger to avoid a transition of government” which will be considered “unconstitutional as it would be based on a vote tabulation process that lacked credibility and transparency.”

We urge all the parties not to accept these results or governance, even if it is in their favour, using unverified and illegal declarations. It will not augur well for Guyana. We remind the Leaders of all Political Parties, and more so President Granger, of their combined commitment to a credible, free, fair, and transparent elections and reiterate the need to maintain our fragile democracy.

GECOM MUST follow the legally sanctioned process that would allow for the credible and transparent declaration of the results and not allow a cloud of suspicion to continue to hang over the elections, the final result and any future government.

The GGDMA calls on the Chairwoman, Justice Retired Claudette Singh, of GECOM for an expression of integrity to publicly denounce any illegal proceeding and return to an agreed process that fosters transparency. We further urge GECOM and all parties to complete the verification and tabulation process using the statement of polls and ensure that the final results are free from suspicion and doubt.

We call on the Chancellor (ag) of the Judiciary, Yonette Cummings-Edwards, and the Judiciary to uphold the rule of law and not participate in any illegal act in relation to the elections, that would tarnish their stellar reputation and stain their legacy for justice and democracy in Guyana.
We call on all law abiding Guyanese patriots to uphold the rule of law and demand that it be followed.

THE GGDMA believes that there is still an opportunity for this election to regain credibility. All is not lost, a return to the legally prescribed process still has a chance to return credibility to the result and prevent Guyana from sliding down the abyss of a failed democracy.

We do not wish to see the land of our birth join the ranks of countries that are labelled undemocratic. We do not wish to see the future of our industry blacklisted from international trade, we do not wish to see the future of our children condemned to suffer the same fate as some of our South American neighbours. As Guyanese, we must accept the reality that an unconstitutional government will result in our nation being the subject of international sanctions on all trade and travel.

We call on all party supporters to desist from being misled by non-credible declarations in relation to elections results and wait on the transparent and credible announcement by GECOM that reflects the WILL of the Guyanese people. We beg leaders and citizens to be responsible and calm.

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